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ACM Commitment to our Clients

At ACM, the most important thing we have is our clients' trust. In order to demonstrate our commitment to preserving this trust, we have established the following guidelines and procedures to ensure a healthy relationship with our clients.


Code of Ethics - Guiding Principles

1. Act ethically and professionally

2. Comply with laws and regulations

3. Act in the best interest of the client

4. Communicate accurately with clients

5. Act in an objective, independent manner

6. Act with skill, competence, and diligence


We believe our ethical standards are among the highest in the industry. We would be happy to provide a copy of the complete ACM Code of Ethics to prospective or existing clients upon request.


Separate Managed Account (SMA)

Each client maintains an account in their name. Client assets are not commingled with any other client or firm assets.  This structure has many benefits for the client, including but not limited to:

  • Transparent investment process - online access through custodian
  • Clients may use a custodian of their choosing - separation between advisor and custodian
  • Customized investment decisions can be made - For example, a client may initiate tax loss selling or impose other restrictions on portfolio holdings, etc.
  • No tax implications due to another client’s investment decisions


ACM Quarterly Report 

All clients receive a quarterly report that includes:

  • Cover Letter with market commentary
  • Portfolio Appraisal detailing all positions including unrealized gain and loss information
  • Performance Summary including performance for relevant index 
  • Detailed invoice for quarterly fee

Clients also receive statements, confirmations, and tax documents from their custodian.

Access to Investment Decision Makers

Clients have the ability to speak with the portfolio manager for their account at least quarterly.  


We eat our own cooking

We invest alongside our clients following a black out period, as we always put the client first. Not only does this demonstrate our commitment to the investments we make in the portfolios we manage, but we hope it also assures our customers that our incentives are aligned with theirs at all times.